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SThe alternator works with the battery to generate power for the electrical components of a vehicleled maintenance is a set of predetermined tasks specified by the manufacturer. These maintenance intervals should be done based on your vehicles mileage or by an indicator light on your dash.


Preventive maintenance

Cooling System Liquid, Oil & Filter Change.


Gears and alternators

The alternator works with the battery to generate power for the electrical components of a vehicle.


Special Service

30K, 60K, 90K, 105K etc. Miles Schedule Vehicle Maintenance.

Care & support

High quality and professional services

  • Electrical system in general.


  • Engine.


  • Wheels, steering, suspension and brakes.


  • Transmission.


About Us

Castillo's Auto Service is a full-service preventative maintenance and automotive repair center that has been performing high quality, guaranteed automotive repair in the San Mateo County area since 1992. We specialize in Domestic & Foreign service and repair. At Castilo's Auto Service we use the latest diagnostic equipmentn to save you time and money in the service & repair of your vehicle. At Castillo's Auto Service, we emphasize value and provide savings well below dealership pricing. We also offer same day service and accept appointments.
  • Installation and programming of alarm and circuit breaker

    Electrical circuit breaker is a switching device which can be operated manually as well as automatically for controlling and protection of electrical power system respectively. As the modern power system deals with huge currents, the spacial...
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    Repair of gears and alternators

    The alternator, one of the most important elements of a car, is a device that focuses on transforming mechanical energyinto electricity, therefore, is in charge of supplying the auto of the energy needed to make it work; the name comes fromthe alternating current generated by this transformation. At the same time carrying out this process of energy, worry aboutstoring it in the battery, so that the vehicle has the energy needed to run the electric system while the car is turned off.However, it...
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Some good comments from customers regarding our services

Since 2001 after visiting various mechanic shops dealing with many problems on my car and not getting any good results, one of my friends referred me to Auto Electric Castillo. I visited the place doubting they would be able to fix my car. I was surprised to find out that they were indeed able to help me and fix the car. Since then I completely trust Oscar and his team of employees with all my car needs. I also feel comfortable referring them to any of my friends. They always give a reasonable price and you always get what you pay for. Thanks Auto Electric Castillo for being the real doctor to my car!! .
David C. Redwood City

Excellent service. We trust all our cars to this local business. They fixed a problem on our Subaru that two others shops were unable to resolve. Highly competent, honest, and ethical. .
Liam F. Redwood City