Vehicle Services

Timely vehicle maintenance is a crucial factor in the longevity of your car. Staying up to date with necessary scheduled maintenance’s can help you in the long run avoid major issues that can accumulate with time. At Castillo’s Autoelectric, we have all the right tools, knowledge, and experience to assist you with keeping up with all your scheduled vehicle service needs.

Short Circuit Specialist, Lights, Bulbs, Batery Check, Starter & Alternator Repair.

  1. 30K, 60K, 90K, 105K etc. Miles Schedule Vehicle Maintenance. Scheduled maintenance is a set of predetermined tasks specified by the manufacturer. These maintenance intervals should be done based on your vehicles mileage or by an indicator light on your dash.
  2. Cooling System Liquid, Oil & Filter Change.
  3. Ignition & Fuel Ingection Inspection and Repair.
  4. Check Engine Light Inspection and Repair.